Great Literature and Civic Formation

An interview with Dr. Tod Worner about Literature, the Arts, and the Nature of the Human Person

On March 11th, 2021, Executive Director of Catholic Conscience, Brendan Steven and I had the great pleasure of interviewing Dr. Tod Worner of the Word on Fire Institute. We spoke to Dr. Worner about how great literature impacted his conversion to Catholicism, and enriched his understanding of the human person; something that continues to serve him well in his work as a physician.

Spiritual reading is critical to growth as a person, a citizen, and in one’s faith. In this vein, the great classics of literature are a fruitful source of wisdom and spiritual insights. Sadly, it is becoming rarer for these classics to form the core of a modern education. In the webinar we look at the importance of reading for formation both as a person and as a citizen, and which classics teach us what about life and growth.

We ask – who is the human person, and what is the importance of narrative in understanding ourselves and the world we live in? We explore the relationship between literature and character development, and subsequently that between character and citizenship.

The webinar is suited to all with an interest in literature, culture, philosophy, and civic life.

Some of Dr. Worner’s work can be found at the links below:

Word on Fire
National Catholic Register
Faith & Life
National Review

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