About the Author

I write on many topics while wearing the hats that I’ve found and tried on in my life thus far. My experience and interests have ranged from entrepreneurship and business, to teaching, academic writing and research, and sport. I try to walk the fine line between a comprehensive engagement with a broad range of ideas, and superficiality. Always a work in progress.

Trained in Business & Economics (BBA), as well as Philosophy (MA) with a focus on Politics, I attempt to synthesize insights I’ve gained in these areas to comment on cultural and political issues. I tend to focus on the coherence – both practical and conceptual – of intellectual frameworks, world views, and lifestyles. It seems to me that a good deal of disagreement and conflict arises from the simultaneous pursuit of interests and values that are very difficult to balance and realize together in practice.

Most of my life has been spent in Southwestern Ontario, though I’ve called both Vancouver and Montreal home for multiple years. My travels have taken me to Denmark and Korea for extended periods of time as well, and I enjoy the riches and novelty of different cultures, though Canada will always be home.