About the Author

Peter Copeland is a husband, father, son, brother, Ontarian and Canadian. He has worked in entrepreneurship and business, teaching, academic writing and research, and politics. After pursuing graduate school in philosophy, he entered politics and public policy, where he now works as a Director of Policy. He also serves as an Associate Fellow with various think tanks and NGOs, including the Kirby Laing Centre, Catholic Conscience, and the St Monica Institute, where he writes, interviews and produces content at the intersection of ideas, science, public policy and culture. Much of his life has been spent in Southwestern Ontario, though he’s called Vancouver and Montreal home for multiple years. His travels have taken him to Denmark for studies, and Korea to teach english.

He has a deep and abiding interest in the intellectual side of things in general, and politics in particular. Trained in Business & Economics (BBA), as well as Philosophy (MA) with a focus on Political theory, he attempts to synthesize insights he’s gained in these areas to write about cultural and political issues from a philosophical perspective. A constant theme that guides his thinking is the focus on the coherence – both practical and conceptual – of intellectual frameworks, world views, and lifestyles; the assumption being that truth, goodness, and beauty are not separate from one another but found together in a coherent whole. He finds that a good deal of disagreement and conflict arises from the simultaneous pursuit of interests and values that are difficult or impossible to balance and realize together in practice, and a general lack of common sense and reflection.

In a rapidly changing world, he thinks it is imperative to think strategically about how to instantiate the structures of governance and forms of life required to maintain a society characterized by natural law and ordered liberty.