St. Monica Institute

The St. Monica Institute for Education & Evangelization is an institution of the Archdiocese of Toronto, constituted by the Archbishop (Cardinal Thomas Collins) to provide apostolic formation for lay persons as a counterpart to the St. Augustine Seminary. 

The Institute seeks to foster faithful love for the Lord, His Church and all people; commitment to preserve and hand on faithfully the tradition, teachings and history of the Church; commitment to the exploration of the mysteries of the faith through pastoral and theological enquiry; and lives of devotion through faith, prayer, service, and reflection. 

To this end the Institute will grant professional and academic credentials for parish, family, diocesan, business, and civic leaders; convene policy think tanks for consideration of issues such as education, life issues, the economy, and truth in social communications; and nurture networks of active Catholic Organizations and the lay faithful. The Institute’s efforts will be directed toward formation in four primary sees: 

1) Education, including credentials and additional qualifications for educators and trustees in Catholic and secular school boards, focused retreats and classroom resources, and forums for reflection on school curricula; 

2) The Parish, including certificates, retreats, and other resources for catechists, apologists, ministry and retreat leaders, and pastoral associates; 

3) The Family, including guidance, certificates, and formation for leaders of family planning , early Catholic catechism and life, youth ministry, family and single parent support, summer camps, home schooling, and marriage preparation programs; and 

4) The Public Square, including certificates, professional development, and formation for business and civic leaders, voters, school board trustees, candidates for public office, doctors, lawyers, and other professionals, and policy think tanks on relevant topics of interest. 

Formation opportunities will be offered to lay persons both within and outside the Archdiocese of Toronto, offering assistance to and seeking cooperation with other dioceses as needs arise while drawing on the expertise and abilities not only of the various offices and agencies of the archdiocese, but also suitably-qualified independent Catholic entities, including the St Augustine Seminary, universities, agencies, and lay organizations. 

The Institute intends to begin offering certificates and video resources, roundtable conversations, and other materials, commencing in early 2022 via its website at Immediate inquiries may be directed to 

Visit the Youtube channel HERE.

*I moderate the Faith & Reason lecture series for the Institute, in partnership with Catholic Conscience and the Newman Centre at the University of Toronto.